Wawaviva Records


Sasha Orlov feat Lisstally - Ma Girl

Mighty house release on Wawaviva Records from Sasha Orlov, dj & producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Sasha delivered wicked house tune featuring vocals from Russian hip-hop, rnb, male singer Lisstally. Delighted deep bass house track with addictive energy and vocals.

DJ Gray remixes track into groovy house tune with killer break, followed with strong electro-house remix from DJ Vip and storming remix from Nikita Carpicorn.

Support: Erick Morillo, Ricardo Giron, Dr. Kucho!, ARA Soundsystem...

Available for licensing: 7196559da79a9b7257a2969ea1a9a46f9ea39ba475ac96ac96ab9eab966398a4a257739ea39ba475ac96ac96ab9eab966398a4a271649673 pdheyVUZlc6DH4CMfxmnUZaz6NAj6k7w caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page.

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